Clients' Testimonials

“Last year my mother, an American citizen, passed away. I am an Italian citizen and I live in Italy. Before her death, my mother had told me over the phone that she had prepared a will that was favorable to me; however, upon her death, my mother’s husband - with whom I don’t have a good relationship - did not contact me.

I live far away, in Italy, and to protect my interests I request the assistance of avvocato Roberta Gentili Purcell. I did not know her, and I found her name in the list of the attorneys of the Italian Consulate.
With great professionalism, avvocato Roberta Gentili Purcell, who represents me because I am in Italy, was able to find my mother’s will at an Arizona law firm.

My mother’s husband does not cooperate and does not provide any information about my mother’s estate; for this reason I had to file a suit against him, which should end soon.
With attorney [Roberta Gentili Purcell] I communicate and I send her the needed information and documents by e-mail. We also spoke over the phone, and since the beginning there was a relationship based on trust and transparency.

I am constantly informed of all the legal actions that have been pursued, and of their outcome.
Thanks to avvocato Roberta’s relational skills and professionalism, I feel secure because I know that she works hard to protect my interests.”

T.P., Palermo, Italy.

“To whom it may concern:
My name is Gary S. from Mesa, Arizona.
I needed an Italian attorney to pursue my hanging citizenship petition before the Italian Consulate in L.A. I turned to Avvocato Roberta Gentili, who guided me step by step, through the whole process. Roberta is professional, dedicated, tenacious, and effective. With her help, I was able to finally obtain all the documents that I needed to reopen the case in my favor. I highly recommend her assistance for any services involving Italian law.
Gary S., Mesa, Arizona, U.S.A.

“I chose attorney Gentili-Purcell from a list of law firms provided by the Italian Consulate of Los Angeles. I asked her assistance in a very complex matter involving Italian family law with relevant international law implications. I was looking for a professional who actually knew the Italian law and legal system, and that at the same time was able to work well in team with my U.S.-based attorney. I am so glad that I found attorney Gentili-Purcell. Her communication skills were remarkable, and because of her competent assistance, I was able to successfully argue my case despite the tight deadlines typical of a US trial. It was very important to have a professional who was attentive to my case, responded promptly to my requests, and conveyed my point of view to my attorney located in the U.S. I could have never done this without her. Ms. Gentili-Purcell’s positive attitude and proactive approach helped me to overcome moments of authentic despairs, and effectively carried through my case. I warmly suggest her services to anyone.”
Silvia L., Florence, Italy.

“Dear Roberta: Thank you very much for your assistance with my Italian citizenship application. You were thorough in your research, and always answered my questions promptly. You consistently conducted yourself in a friendly, yet professional manner. It was truly a pleasure working with you.”
Sandra P., California, U.S.A.

“I retained Roberta Gentili-Purcell to help me acquire dual citizenship via the iure sanguinis process. I was surprised by the multiplicity of requirements imposed by the Italian Consulate and could not have imagined going through this process without the help of a Foreign Legal Consultant/Italian attorney, particularly Ms. Gentili-Purcell. Due to her outstanding and detailed attention to my case, I am delighted to provide this testimony for her services. Ms. Gentili-Purcell went above and beyond the mere professional expertise, and provided a level of service throughout the process that was extremely personalized, caring and effective. I had many (almost endless!) questions along the way, which she answered promptly and thoroughly. She was available to me by e-mail or phone. Ms. Gentili-Purcell has an exquisite eye for detail, and is very warm and personable. I was also very glad to have her at my side during my interview at the Consulate; she carried all the required (and voluminous) documents with her, spoke directly with the Consular Office on my behalf when necessary, and explained contradictions in the process when they arose, as well as possible options and solutions. Having her present at my interview was of tremendous value and, in my view, an absolute necessity in expediting the application process. I can wholeheartedly recommend Ms. Gentili Purcell, and I have every confidence that her outstanding level of services is a standard for her. She really takes prides in her excellent work!”
Daniela S., California, U.S.A.

“I am completely satisfied with the work performed on my behalf by Roberta Gentili-Purcell. Roberta was totally dedicated to my pursuit of Italian citizenship, and made sure that I understood all of the paperwork and process needed to obtain it. She was meticulous in procuring the required documentation. She was easy to reach, easy to talk to and, most of all, represented me in the most professional manner. I do not speak Italian, so her ability to communicate with the Consular officers and local officials in Italy was invaluable to my case. I would recommend Roberta to anyone who is seeking Italian citizenship. I do not have experience with any of Roberta’s other legal specialties, but I would look to her for advice and counsel on any legal matter that I may have, and take her recommendation to heart.”
Rita S., North Carolina, U.S.A.

“I am a dual citizen (Italian and American) citizen residing in Arizona. I met attorney Gentili-Purcell in 2009, when I needed assistance in handling the sale of a real estate property located in Italy. By the time I finally met her, I had tried several times to do it, at first on my own, and later with the help of non-professionals. Until that point I had spent a lot of money with no results, and was extremely frustrated. Ms. Gentili-Purcell handled the sale of my Italian property on my behalf in a very professional manner. The process was very smooth and transparent, and I received the payment according to the instructions given. With the time, I have grown to appreciate and trust Ms. Gentili-Purcell’s legal services with all my legal affairs connected to Italy.”
Dominic C., Arizona, U.S.A.

“We first contacted attorney Roberta Gentili-Purcell prior to our marriage celebrated in Italy in 2011, when we needed legal documents and translations. Ms. Gentili-Purcell handled our case accurately, at a fair price, and in a timely manner. In 2012, following our marriage, we again requested her services and again we were very pleased. We highly recommend Ms. Gentili-Purcell’s services to those who expect honest, accurate and timely results. She has been professional yet amicable. We plan to continue using her services as long as there is a need.”
Marian and Candace, Italy.

“What a process!! Trying to close out our mother’s estate for over 2 years after her passing was stressful and challenging, not to mention the most nerve-racking experience my 3 sisters and I have ever encountered. The process of trying to translate and get the correct wording for forms needed to close out this inheritance was just a horrible, horrible experience… No matter what we tried, it was the wrong form or the wrong wording or the wrong everything. This was an extremely trying time to be having all these issues with just trying to collect what was rightfully ours from another country. W tried different government agencies, and after months of making use wait for them to get to our paperwork, it would still be incorrect or there was something missing. The number of phone calls, paperwork, misunderstanding back and forth to Italy and not to mention the expense. We were at the point of wanting to give up and throw in the towel and just forget about the whole thing. All it took was a Google search for an Italian lawyer and, event though we were unsure of an unknown, just one visit to Mrs. Gentili-Purcell and the stress was gone. Her professionalism and understanding of the Italian law put us immediately at ease. Honestly, it was such a positive shock to have this situation abruptly end, I’m still reeling with happiness. Our only regret is we did not find her sooner. We can’t thank you enough – you truly are exceptional.”
Maria T. F., Arizona, U.S.A.

“I was very lucky to meet attorney Gentili-Purcell who assisted with all my Italian legal matters. At first she helped me settling my Italian estate, then she also assisted me in the process of re-acquiring my Italian citizenship. Everything went well. I am very happy, and warmly recommend her services.”
Michaelina D., Arizona, U.S.A.

“I had the pleasure of having Roberta helping me with an International Law issue in December of 2012. The entire process was explained thoroughly without making me feel overwhelmed. Any questions I had were addressed in a timely manner, with courtesy and professionalism. I would not hesitate to have Roberta handle any future international law issue or recommend her to family or friends for their future legal matters.”
Rosalia T., Arizona, U.S.A.

“I had considered pursuing my Italian citizenship years ago, but felt overwhelmed by the documents needed and the process itself. I had begun assembling the documents and trying to organize an application, but quickly realized I had neither the time nor the expertise to accomplish my goal. I contacted Roberta, and it was without a doubt the best decision I could have made. She made the process easy and organized. She kept me fully up to date every step of the way. I have now obtained my Italian citizenship, and I have no doubt that I could not have done it without Roberta’s guidance and assistance.”
Ralph M., Arizona, U.S.A.

“Roberta Gentili-Purcell is an excellent attorney who impeccably assisted me in a complex and long procedure regarding real estate properties that I inherited in Italy.”
Enrico M., Arizona, U.S.A.

“Thank you very much. I truly appreciate working with persons as yourself who are not only clearly extremely competent and efficient in your profession, but also very pleasant to interact with.”
Giorgio P., Washington, U.S.A.

“Roberta Gentili-Purcell did an excellent job on my family search and the possibility of my dual Italian citizenship. I find her work honest, reliable, and courteous in her manners. I would recommend her to anyone.”
Elmer F., Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

“I have known Roberta Gentili-Purcell since May 2013 when I contacted her to assist me in obtaining my Italian citizenship. It is important to note that I contacted her after six years of trying to work with several other Italian and U.S.-based attorneys as well as citizenship consultants, all of them were unable to achieve results. From our first phone call, Roberta listened carefully and took the time to perfectly understand my history, technical problems, timelines and intentions. I had a complex situation involving work in E.U., visas for my non-U.S. wife, and sourcing ancestral Italian documents that have been impossible to obtain previously. She did a superb job with her initial questions and her assessment, and followed through with this understanding as our situation changed and developed, until my Italian passport was in my hands. She handled everything personally and is extremely organized, a crucial ability given the amount of documentation, family, and outside resources it is necessary to involve. She is very focused on results for clients, does not give up, and is a very resourceful problem-solver, taking the initiative to obtain our key ancestral birth certificate in Sicily where others had failed.

Roberta kept my family and I continuously updated across several time zones via concise and well-written e-mails and Skype calls, creating a sense of teamwork and accomplishments over the year that it took to gather all the necessary documentation. Everyone in my family enjoyed their interactions with her, and quickly grew to respect her abilities, enjoyed her friendly approach, and personal integrity. This was also very apparent in the Italian Consulate during our appointment, where her relationships were friendly and extremely professional. Her presentation of my case was methodical, mature, and business-like, with numerous documentary and verbal back-up details at hand that were well received and appreciated by the Consulate’s assessor.

Roberta brings confidence and surety. Her work is absolutely superb at what she does professionally, and her personality and keenness are a pleasure to work with. I recommend her with enthusiasm and without reservation.”
Christopher M., California, U.S.A.

“To whom it may concern:
I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you what an incredible woman, lawyer and human being Ms. Roberta Gentili Purcell has been. She has been handling my case which will ultimately achieve my goal of attaining Dual Citizenship in the United States and Italy.

She is a good listener, and only a phone call away from any need or concerns that I might encounter regarding this tedious process.

Her work on the translations, Apostilles, and any and all documentation necessary for my case are timely, concise and flawless. She has restored my faith that this can be accomplished, particularly since I have not found a favorable response with other attorneys and translators that have merely taken my time and money to no avail.

She approaches her task with the tenacity to get the job done and has uncovered valuable data for me to present to the Italian Consulate. The volumes of paper needed for my presentation are in perfect order, labeled and in plastic sheet-covers, enclosed in a binder allowing for clarity and ease for the Consulate’s review.

I am elated with her work and would not hesitate to recommend her most highly.
Very truly yours,”
Grace S., New York, USA

“Simply put – without Roberta’s assistance I could not have become an Italian citizen. She did an excellent job, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to work through the iure sanguinis process. After completing her legal opinion to see if I truly qualified for iure sanguinis, she laid out the steps I needed to go through to get the process done. She was tenacious in getting my foreign documents from Italy and South Africa, and made herself available for calls and office visits when needed.

Because of her experience, Roberta let me know what issues may have been potential problems with my file and documents. However, because of the excellent organization and attention to the details she provided, I was literally finished with my one-hour appointment in only 15 minutes! As a matter of fact, the Consular officer who examined my application thanked me for the thoroughness and completeness of my file.

Grazie, Roberta, we are in the process of planning our trip and possible relocation to Italy. Thank you for making it possible.”
Denise D., Arizona, USA

“Good Morning Roberta,

I just wanted to let you know, it was a pleasure to finally meeting you. I also wanted to thank you for your professionalism in helping us through the process of preparing a “Procura Speciale alla vendita”. We are forever grateful for your kindness.”
Thank you,
Frank and Carmela R., Arizona, USA

“Ms. Gentili-Purcell was an absolutely essential part of the Italian citizenship process; from obtaining my documents to scheduling my meeting with the Consulate, it couldn’t be done without her. From our initial meeting, through the translations of the documents, she was knowledgeable, professional, and extremely helpful. I would highly recommend using Roberta, and had given her name and contact info to others in my family who are interested in pursuing their Italian citizenship iure sanguinis. Grazie Roberta per tutto quello che avete fatto!”
Denise K., Montana, U.S.A.

“The whole process of obtaining Dual Italian Citizenship for family members and myself has been such a positive experience. It has been a pleasure working with Roberta Gentili Purcell. She is extremely knowledgeable, thorough, responsive and most of all patient. Her knowledge of Italian law, processes and systems was a great help that made things smooth and trouble-free.

My family and I whole-hearthedly recommend anyone wanting to go through the citizenship process to contact Mrs. Gentili-Purcell. She has become part of my family.”

“I began my project to obtain Italian citizenship in July 2013. After spending about 6 months gathering documents, I realized that I simply did not have the expertise, or language skills, to finish this job by myself. After contacting the Italian Consulate in Phoenix and explaining my situation, they referred me to Roberta.

Ms. Gentili-Purcell has been, and still is, an absolute pleasure to work with. She took control of the situation and got me back on track. She resolved a few small outstanding issues and handled a significant one, and she was able to get the Consulate to agree to let my 22 year old son to join my family application (instead of applying separately), a significant savings in time and money. After all the documents were updated and translated, she scheduled a meeting in Los Angeles with the consular officers, and this is where her expertise was most valuable.

Upon arrival at the Consulate, which is a little intimidating, a consular official steps into the lobby to tell me that Roberta had contacted her from the airport to let her know that she is running a little late, and not to worry since we have plenty of time and Ms. Purcell is always well prepared. That put me immediately at ease.

Once inside the Consulate is where Roberta really gets to work. I cannot overstate how important it is to have an expert, and an Italian, with you at this meeting. It is very evident that the Consulate staff respects Roberta and values her work - when you can feel the mutual respect between parties, and you don’t speak the language, you know it’s genuine. The meeting went quickly and professionally, and the waiting period began.

There is nothing I can say to relieve the anxiety of the waiting processing time leading up to the approval of your application: I think you need to do what the Italians would do, get some Chianti, sit back and enjoy the ride. If you have decided to pursue your Italian citizenship and retain Ms. Gentili Purcell, you have made two excellent choices.”
Mark S., Arizona, U.S.A.