Gentili Purcell International Law Firm P.L.L.C. is a boutique law firm specialized in Italian and E.U. Law with offices in Italy and the United States.

I provide unique legal services to U.S.-based Italian citizens and to American citizens who have personal, family or business interests located either in Italy, the U.S.A., or both. I am dedicated to serving the unique needs of individual clients who need help in bridging the gap between the Italian and the American legal systems, down to the very last detail of each case, which I personally handle. My clientele also includes individuals who require a competent legal representation and counseling on cross-border matters involving not solely the Italian legal framework, but also the European Union regulations and their implications on each case, seen from an International Private Law perspective. This area of my practice covers, for example, matters of foreign ownership/succession/inheritance laws, a pre-requisite of any comprehensive estate planning involving individuals or couples with an international profile; pre or post-nuptial agreements affecting Italian citizens or assets located in Italy; international divorces involving the division of Italian-located assets; purchase/management/sale of real estate property located in Italy.

I provide legal advice and assistance to American law firms, public institutions, and private entities, both in judicial and extrajudicial settings, on issues covered exclusively by Italian and European Union Law, namely as an "Expert Witness on Italian and European Union Law".

If you are dealing with legal issues involving an American counterpart, need assistance for a U.S-based judicial litigation, and would like to hire a qualified, U.S. attorney but do not know where to start, I can help. I offer referral services, and I am also available to work together with your U.S. counsel to help you gaining a through understanding and a comprehensive control over your matter.

As a dual Italian-American citizen, I understand very well the implications of both the American and the Italian legal systems, and offer an excellent advantage in pursuing customized solutions for unique matters.

I offer a personalized, comprehensive service of the highest quality at a competitive price. I invite you to learn about my firm, and I look forward to working with you in the near future.